Marvin Andrew McKenzie

A celebration of life (memorial) for Marvin Andrew McKenzie, 62, of Tsaile, Arizona, was held today, May 31, at Lukachukai Chapter House at 12:30 p.m. Marvin was born Nov. 14, 1955, into the Naakai dine’é (Mexican Clan), born for Kinlichíi’nii (Red House Clan). He passed away May 24, 2018.

Originally from Shiprock, Marvin spent many years living in Albuquerque, before returning to Navajo homelands in 2015.

Marvin attended Wheaton College, San Juan College and University of New Mexico, earning a degree in fine arts from Diné College.

After a career as an office technology specialist, Marvin returned home to the Navajo Nation to pursue his passion of being an artist.

Marvin will be remembered by his family, friends and anyone who met him as a kind, humble, generous, and calm soul who never missed an opportunity to help others. He lived life with a sense of adventure, zest for experiencing new things and places, and found great joy in traveling to visit friends and make new friends far and wide.

Marvin was a creative artist in several forms of media and loved making moccasins for family and friends. He always went out of his way to make life better for others. He was the best father a son could ever dream to have in his life.

Marvin is survived by his son, James McKenzie; mother, Betty McKenzie; sisters, Judith McKenzie, Claire McKenzie, and Kathleen McKenzie; and brothers, Patrick McKenzie, Gilbert McKenzie, Edward McKenzie, and Jeremy McKenzie.