Life Honoring Tributes

Life Honoring Tributes In St. Louis, MO.

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Candle Light Tributes

This option includes up to 50 hand held candles being passed out to loved ones. Starting a ceremony with lighted candles that signify the live of a loved one is timeless and beautiful.

Dove Releases

This can be a beautiful tribute as a part of any ceremony. Many families will choose to have up to four doves released after an outdoor ceremony. This option is dependent on weather, but weather permitting is a beautiful honor.

Motorcycle Hearse

Those families looking for something a bit different to symbolize the journey through life may want to consider a motorcycle hearse. This can be arranged to lead a funeral procession in the most unique way that is a true tribute to a life well lived.

Balloon Releases

This is a colorful way to honor a loved one. Up to 25 biodegradable balloons in a variety of colors can be provided to the family for release. This option is dependent on weather, but is a timeless tribute.

Butterfly Release

A lovely tribute to any loved one is a butterfly release. Up to 25 monarch butterflies can be released one by one or at once. Outdoor ceremonies are always made more beautiful with a butterfly release.

Life Celebration Candle

This is a timeless option that will include the loved ones’ photograph being printed on a candle and this candle will be displayed at the memorial service or gathering. There are many candles and designs to choose from, so this option can be very personal.

Candlelight Visitation

This is a bit different than our candle light tribute. This tribute option involves the use of 25 lighted candles that are placed around the visitation area. More candles can be requested.

Website Memorial Tribute

This is an online tribute that allows for friends and family members from near or far to share their condolences.

Musical Accompaniment

Music is a beautiful part of life. Including musical accompaniment in a service is timeless and can be a unique way to incorporate the personality and likes of a loved one. We can arrange for musical groups and musicians to perform at indoor and outdoor ceremonies.

Funeral Carriage

This is a great way to add a regal to feel to a service. Our funeral carriage is horse drawn and family member will often walk beside it to the burial site. This is a timeless tribute that is fitting for any loved one.

Veterans Services

Laying our loved ones to rest is difficult, but selecting tributes that honor their life and there is no better display of this than with veteran’s services. We will help to arrange all services so that the loved one is buried with full honors as is their right as someone who bravely served our nation.

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