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Most of us spend so much time living we don’t really take the time to think about our death and others try to avoid the idea of their death at all.  Yet, planning for your death and your funeral will help give you some sense of control and will also help your loved ones when you have passed.  Planning the funeral of a loved one is very hard, as you’re in the grip of grief, and yet still want to make all the right choices.  Our life organizers can work with you, at any age, to really determine how you would like your end of life matters dealt with.

Thinking about your death and funeral may make mind race. If you are suffering with a terminal illness, how would you like end of life care handled?  How do you feel about hospice?  Many people think that we only deal with funerals in St.  Louis but the fact of the matter is that we can help you plan so there is some semblance of control and you can really create the end of life celebration that you want for yourself and for your loved ones.

Funeral Planning and Logistics

Thinking ahead to your death and funeral may seem overwhelming or surreal, but planning with the help of one of our life organizers can make it much easier than you may think.  We can help you explore many ideas so we can help guide you in the right directions.

Some things you may want to consider while planning include:

  • What funeral home do you want your body taken to?
  • Do you want to be embalmed?
  • Do you want to be buried?  Cremated?
  • What are your preferences for a casket or urn?
  • Do you have a burial plot?
  • Do you want your ashes to be scattered if cremated?
  • Who should be notified when you pass?  Does someone in your life know where to find contact information for those who should be notified?
  • What would you like your obituary to say?  Would you like to write it yourself?
  • Do you want a headstone?  Do you want to plan what it says?
  • What style of funeral or memorial service do you want?
  • Do you have any religious verses or ceremonies you would like to have performed?
  • Do you want a wake?
  • Do you want people to donate to a charity in your memory?
  • Do you want someone specific to do your eulogy?

As you can see, there are a lot of questions that can help guide you in the planning of your funeral.  Other questions that we can help answer, even if you don’t know to ask them yet include:

  • Where your remains are sent after death
  • Who to contact about a headstone of grave marker
  • What government entities need to be made aware of your death
  • How your loved ones will obtain a copy of your death
  • What forms need to be filled out for your life insurance company, in applicable.
  • How to find a burial plot if you don’t have one.
  • How to coordinate with a cemetery to prepare a chosen plot for burial

This is just a small glimpse of concerns and questions that can be answered by our life organizer.  It can be very overwhelming to do all on your own, so working with our team can really help to streamline the whole process.  It can be daunting and confusing to do it on your own, understandably, and many people quit before they really get started.

Our professional life organizers are familiar with funerals in St.  Louis and beyond and can guide you through all aspects of end of life planning.  Working with a professional will help take a lot of the fear out of the planning so you can get back to focusing on your life now, knowing everything else is taken care of.

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