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Planning a funeral or memorial service can be very stressful; we have served generations of residents with our St. Louis funeral services and our goal is to make the planning and execution of a service or ceremony simple as possible so the family and friends can gather, share support and condolences and begin the healing process.  We take pride in offering motorcycle hearse services to provide a timeless tribute to loved ones who have passed on.

A Popular Choice

Families are often looking for an out of the box, yet timeless way to honor their loved ones at a funeral service.  A motorcycle hearse is a great option because it is a great testament to a life well lived.  Over the years, we have found that a motorcycle hearse is a creative way to help families really remember their loved one in a special way.

Maybe the motorcycle hearse just an out of the box idea that appeals to the family, or maybe the loved one is one of the 11 million motorcycle enthusiasts nationwide.  Interestingly, many of the funerals in St. Louis that we have planned, the families who choose the motorcycle hearse have no history with motorcycles, instead they just like the idea that it is unique and perhaps a small bright spot in an otherwise trying time.  Such a unique hearse is a unique way to travel to one’s final resting place.

Many families find that a motorcycle hearse is a great way to celebrate those who lived a great life. Those aiming for a true celebration of life ceremony will find this hearse fitting.  It makes a statement; it allows for a loved one’s last ride to be an amazing one.


Ours is a beautifully kept Harley Davidson motorcycle hearse.  It really is something unique and innovative that appeals to a wide base of people.  The motorcycle hearse is a Series IV, and is black and chrome in colors so it really is a statement piece that adds something special to a celebration of life.

Planning a Last Ride

The families that we work with are guided along the funeral or memorial service planning process. We know that this is a very overwhelming, stressful and sad time and our goal is to make the details easier to understand so that family and friends can come together and share support and condolences.  Families that wish to have use of the motorcycle hearse simply need to let our director know during planning and we can make that happen.  It is a unique service that we are happy to provide and we enjoy seeing the bit of happiness it brings friends and family as they gather.

Getting Started

While we understand this is a difficult and overwhelming time, we would be honored to work with the family to provide you with all the necessary help to create a unique memorial that will pay tribute to a loved one. Please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience so we can make the planning as stress free as possible and help provide your loved one with their last epic ride in our motorcycle hearse.

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