When Death Occurs

When Death Occurs in St. Louis

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We are in the business of planning and overseeing funerals in St. Louis, but that doesn’t mean we are out of touch with the shock, sadness, and overwhelming array of emotions that are felt when a loved one passes away.  We know that when death occurs, it is overwhelming and many families don’t know where to begin.

If there is no arrangement made by the loved one prior to death common questions include but are not limited to:

  • Where is my loved ones remains?
  • How do we get the remains move to a funeral home?
  • Can I see my loved one before a visitation?
  • Is embalming required?
  • How is a wake planned?
  • How much will a funeral cost?
  • Who do I need to contact about a life insurance policy?
  • How do I apply the life insurance policy to the funeral expense?
  • How do I pick a casket?
  • How does cremation work?
  • How does a funeral get planned?
  • How will my loved one get to the cemetery?
  • Who do I call for a grave marker or headstone?
  • Where do I get started?

These questions, and more, are all completely normal.  This is where we step in.  When death occurs, please give us a call.  We will get information from you and start coordinating all the details so questions are answered and your loved one can be taken from their place of death into the care of our funeral home.

With years in the St. Louis funeral business, we are sure that we can answer your questions, give you guidance that you need, and take a bit of the burden of handling funeral arrangements from your shoulders.

We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to take your call and help get the planning started.  No matter the time of day, when death occurs, your first step is to give us a call.

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