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Memorial Services in St. Louis

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Creating memorial services that are unique to families and loved ones whose lives are being celebrated is our business.  We aren’t in the business of hosting funerals, instead we are in the business of creating an experience that will allow friends and family to come together in their own way to share stores, grieve, sympathize and show support to one another.  St. Louis memorial services are a great option for many families who want to honor their loved one in a very special way.

The Memorial Service

A memorial service a little bit different than a traditional funeral as the body of your loved one is not present during the ceremony. For some families, this is a personal choice, and for others there are reasons that the body cannot be there or cremation was chosen instead.  In some cases, a memorial service, without the presence of a body, is what the deceased had requested before their passing.

Creating the Memorial Service

Like a traditional funeral service, a memorial service is unique to the family as well as the deceased.  One of our directors will work closely with you to create a memorial service that honors your loved one in a way befitting to the life that they lived.  We can help create the most beautifully simple services as well as those that are more involved and everything in between.  With years of St. Louis funeral and memorial service experience, we have the knowledge and the tools to ensure that the memorial service is well planned and well executed from start to finish.

Memorial Service Planning

This can be a stressful time for the loved ones who are planning the service.  Our directors have years of experience and can help make the whole process less overwhelming and reduce the stress.  Working to create a unique memorial service relieves you of a lot of stress as we provide assistance in many areas including but not limited to:

  • Creation of an obituary
  • Creating website memorials
  • Design and printing services for all printed materials
  • Scheduling military honors
  • Accept and place flower arrangements
  • Notification of press on particulars of the service
  • Reserve seating for family members
  • Provide tissue and water for family members
  • Provide umbrellas, maps, easels or memorial tables
  • Secure private area for family to meet
  • Reserve parking areas for the family members
  • Set up and take down of display boards, tables and photographs
  • Organize any travel to a second location
  • Help with greeting and seating guests
  • Distribute printed materials
  • Care or coordinate handling of an urn if applicable

Of course, if there are additional needs, our directors will work with the family to ensure that the service is where healing can begin for grieving family members and friends. With our wealth of experience, our directors will go to any lengths to make the service as unique and as beautiful as possible.

Getting Started

While we understand this is a difficult time, we look forward to working with you to provide you with all the services that you may need to create a memorial service that is as unique as your loved one.  Please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience so we can make the planning as stress free as possible.

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